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What is a switchback trail?

What is a switchback trail? 

Planning to hike a switchback trail? When you encounter switchbacks hiking it means you’re scaling a mountainside by zig-zagging horizontally.

hip pain after hiking

What causes Hip Pain After Hiking?

For new hikers, hip pain after hiking is common. But inner pain can be more serious than outer pain caused by the muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Sore calves after hiking

Preventing Sore Calves After Hiking

Sore calves after hiking are inevitable for most new hikers. It won’t last forever, and taking a few precautions today can speed up your conditioning.

Help! I don't like hiking

Help! I don’t like hiking

You may never love hiking. But turning ‘I Don’t Like Hiking’ into ‘I Enjoyed THAT hike’, is possible. Follow these tips to find a hike you can enjoy.